Why you should always have a full tackle box

Fishing Lures are expensive. We get it. We own the tackle shop and we think its expensive. But, anyone who understands the world of retail understands that these lures get sold three times before they reach our hands and everyone needs to make a buck. It stinks. That being said, Having the right lure for the right situation is huge. As there is no worse feeling than seeing fish pop in front of you, having tossed your 2-3 lures and than someone else next to you starts catching on a lure you were checking out at the shop that morning, but you thought was too expensive.

Or, what is probably even worse is to only carry one of your favorite lure in your box and lose it to a fish early in the day…. It is for these reasons that we highly recommend always having at least two lures of your 5-6 favorites and after that making sure you have some real width in your box. We also HIGHLY recommend having a lot of your favorite 2-3 lures as these will tend to be your go to’s. On Nantucket, from the beach, this is mostly your deadly dicks, hopkins, ballistic Missles. If you are a big nighttime bass guy, it is likely the bomber or rapala mag.

Now it is incredibly expensive to fill a tackle box. We get that! It takes time and drips and drabs of money. We do suggest early in your career or at a time when you have a few extra bucks to get a good foundation and than to add on from there. Never hesitate to ask Santa or the Easter Bunny too!

Last but not least, old lures that have rusty hooks or are beat up, can always be repurposed… New hooks are inexpensive and even old Bass lures that are beat up can often be turned into bluefish lures.

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