May 20th Fishing repor

May 20, 2022 / Comments Off on May 20th Fishing repor

I Love May because the fishery is always adapting and adjusting.  Any day you could get on the water and find a mass of fish.  This happened to me on Wednesday.  I was poking around the harbor and fished for 2 hours and saw one shadow that might have been a fish.  I wasn’t discouraged […]


May 31st Fishing Report

May 31, 2019 / Comments Off on May 31st Fishing Report

I love Spring Fishing, I love Spring Fishing, I love Spring Fishing! You just never know what you are going to get. Just last evening I got texts/emails from 4 different friends telling me of them catching fish last evening at Dusk. This got me fired up for fishing today. A slow start led to […]


Nantucket False Albacore Fishing

August 16, 2018 / Comments Off on Nantucket False Albacore Fishing

Nantucket has the most under appreciated False albacore fishing on the east coast. Montauk gets a lot of notoriety as does Block Island, but Nantucket doesn’t have the crowds and it simply produces fish. These fish forage on sand eels that are gathering tight before moving offshore. Whether you are a Nantucket Beach Fisherman or […]


Light Tackle Tuna Fishing

July 8, 2018 / Comments Off on Light Tackle Tuna Fishing

As many know I love fishing for Bass… I don’t know what it is, I just love those square tails. But there is something about Light Tackle Tuna Fishing that gives me a high unlike anything else. I think this is because Tuna fishing is mostly a game of highs and lows…. Often you are […]


Why we use Regulator Boats as Nantucket Fishing Guides

July 1, 2018 / Comments Off on Why we use Regulator Boats as Nantucket Fishing Guides

We get the question all the time, why are you guys a regulator fleet? The answer is simple, they are awesome, and they are the perfect boat for the fishery that we have today. The biggest change in boating in the last 20 years is the reliability, size and power of outboard engines. Literally 20 […]