What Fishing Lures do you recommend for Striped Bass on Nantucket?


What Fishing Lures do you recommend for Striped Bass on Nantucket?

In the Shallow water (Nantucket Waters such as Nantucket Harbor or Madaket Harbor): you should fish luresthat move the water and creates some action on the surface, for example, sluggos, spooks, or poppers. In the shallow waters (harbor etc…) these fish are very explosive and look up as well as down.

In the deep water, something that will create some noise and attract attention: Bombers/swimmers, lead heads, poppers.

From the Nantucket Beaches: Bombers tend to be a go to, in recent years, soft plastics and lead heads have made a big push. Super Strike Darters are the new lure that people have been using quite a bit.

*** We highly recommend that you are always prepared with multiple types of lures though. If you notice something is happening on the surface and you only have a diver, that takes away an opportunity to have some fun. You also want to make sure you have two of every lure that you love. TheReason why… is if something is working, and you lose it, you want to make sure you have another if something bad happens. You also want to have variety in case you know fish are there and they do not like what you are throwing.

*** My other major recommendation is when you get to where you are going to fish, slow down and try to understand what the fish are doing, how they are feeding, the patterns they are moving in and how you can best connect with them. Too often fishermen get excited and just throw blindly, without thinking that they are targeting a live fish that survives based on patterns. If a fishermen can learn to understand these fishes patterns and learn to imitate the baitfish than the opportunity to catch is boundless…

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