Nantucket Surf Casting : Some ideas to help you get on the water


As most of you are finding out, we love cool videos. We do not mind watching videos from all over the world, but videos of home tend to make us the most happy. While our bread and butter is fishing from the boat in Nantucket Waters, all of the guides love to put their feet on the beach. Nantucket Surf Casting for Bass, Blues, and Albies is an experience more need to be a part of. SO many talk about fishing from the Nantucket Beach’s, but not enough do it. Too many think Nantucket Surf Casting is intimidating.

The hardest part about becoming a good surf caster is simply starting… Surf casting is intimidating. Lots of questions arise right away, what beach should I go to? when in the tide cycle should I go? When in the day should i go? When I get to the beach where should I start casting? should I use a surface lure or subsurface lure….

In this article I do not have a hard and fast answer to all of these questions, but I do have the answer that should calm your nerves. The best time to surf cast is when you can, the best location is where you can, the best lure is what feels right and most importantly have fun doing it. Of course I have over-simplifed, but like so much else in life, we all want success right away and we all want the answers to problems others have spent years solving. All of the great fisherman share one common trait, they have logged time on the water. The only way you will know when in the tide cycle a bass will make its way into the west lobe of polpis harbor is to be there over multiple tide cycles. Try the rise, try the fall and try dead tide. Everyone always says fish when the water is moving. I don’t disagree if we want to play statistics, but some of my best outings have been on slack tide. on the slack fish are no longer controlled by the tide, but they are now free to round up the bait and sometimes this leads to fantastic fishing. Point being, always be trying something new. Over time, you will discover little tricks that make fishing more productive.

The one “trick” I will let you in on when surf casting from Nantucket is never fish just one spot on the beach. I always suggest to people to move your feet slowly while you cast. This will allow you to cover LOTS of water. When you hook up on a fish, stay put for a while and see if another shows. When you hook up, try and understand why. No beach is a straightline… are you on a point or a curve in? you must understand what you are doing and why.

Nantucket Surf Castingcan be frustrating. Don’t let it be, let it be enlightening. Don’t compare yourself to others and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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