Where do I fish on Nantucket?

Where do I go fishing on Nantucket?

I was just speaking to a friend of mine who manages a restaurant and is starting bourbon bar with 180 bourbons. I asked him, how do you expect your bartenders to know them all. His response is he doesn’t. He wants them to have a good handle of 20-30 and than over time learn the rest. You can learn a lot by reading, tasting or even asking your patrons questions. As I thought about this, this answer could be given about many things.

When just getting going with fishing on Nantucket you may have no idea where to start fishing, when to go or what to use. Our advice is simple. Find 2-3 spots and fish them hard. Learn them. Fish 2-3 lures. Learn them. And make sure to fish all points of the tide cycle. Once you have put your time in, ask questions. Fishermen, love to help others.

So how do you figure out spots to start? Get a friend to help you out or come into Bill Fishers. We will always help get you started.

But remember, our biggest advice of all, spend time fishing. If you fish 2-3 times per year you will feel like fishing is always an uphill battle. If you put your time in, you will be rewarded.

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