Thomas and Thomas Fly Rods

BFO/BFT are proud to be fishing with/carrying Thomas and Thomas Fly Rods this year. Thomas and Thomas is a historic name in fly-fishing and are known for hand building amazing rods in Northwest Mass. Like many companies their hold back is the inability to mass produce rods, because they make them of such high quality. This forces the price point to be in the high $800 range. For years that price point was frowned upon, but recently, as fly-fishing is becoming back in vogue and people realize and understand the cost associated with fishing in high end areas, they are becoming more and more comfortable with the high price point. To add to it, the quality is unmatched and Thomas and Thomas stands behind every product they sell.

Our Go-To rods on the boats have been the Exocess 250 and 350 grain rods. These rods have a stiff backbone and are designed to throw the heavier lines in really short order. On top of their product, Thomas and Thomas is trying to expose their process to the world. They are rebuilding their building room to be very customer friendly. They want those using their rods to interact with those building their rods. And Further, they are building a brewery on location to really make sure it is a go-to destination.

The ownership and management group are dialed in, not just to what customers want and quality, but making sure the whole experience for everyone is just awesome….

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