Nantucket Striped Bass Fishing…Slack Tide?

Last week I wrote about the need for the tide to be moving to catch Nantucket Striped Bass. As a charter fishing captain, I do believe in the predictability of catching fish. That being said, I love memorable days. We are put on this good earth to not only create memories, but to seek out memories. Slack Water brings this possibility. WHile many point out that bait fish are way more in control during slack tide and that Striped Bass hate working so why would they want to feed during slack tide I would agree.

Experience though, tells me that some of my best days of fishing have come during slack tide fishing. For starters as the water stops moving, the fish no longer feel the need to stay on the bottom, so they often rise through the water column. It is most important though when trying to understand fish, to think through what is happening with the bait. We all know that theopportunity to eat drives the decisions of Nantucket Striped Bass. When the tide slacks out the baitfish become more in control and they can now feed rather than follow the current. The baitfish often feed by working together with their “school” and this provides an opportunity for predator fish to attack. What is best about this from a fishermen’s perspective is that during slack tide, just like with Tuna Fish, Nantucket Striped Bass often feed on the surface and feed actively and aggressively.

It is spectacular to be around. If you are planning a trip, and you have the flexibility to go early try and catch the very end of one tide, sit over a sand bar or an area that holds fish for the slack and than fish the beginning of the next tide. My perfect world of fishing is the very beginning of slack, take the next hour off and than as soon as the tide is moving consistently, fish again….

Take risks when fishing. The opportunity for memories becomes endless.

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