Nantucket False Albacore Fishing


Nantucket has the most under appreciated False albacore fishing on the east coast. Montauk gets a lot of notoriety as does Block Island, but Nantucket doesn’t have the crowds and it simply produces fish. These fish forage on sand eels that are gathering tight before moving offshore. Whether you are a Nantucket Beach Fisherman or like to chase these fish from the boat, you will love targeting these speedsters. False Albacore Fishing on Nantucket in September is simply the best… And last year we were lucky that the warm weather kept this fish in our waters through early November.

So what makes Nantucket so good for False Albies A large part is that we have the bait that they want hovering around the island. All of the fishing is in close proximity to the beach so the sand guys are just as happy as the boat guys. But mostly, when we fish for these fish, there is very little competition. All of the guides know each other and rarely are there more than 4-5 boats on a group of fish so the fish are not heavily crowded and the guides can work together rather than compete. All of this leads to an awesome angling experience and predictable hook-ups.

Our suggestion for an epic trip is to spend three days on island, do two trips on the boat and spend the rest of the time on the beach.

Nantucket False Albacore Fishing is simply the best… there is no other way to say it!

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