I love June Fishing on Nantucket


I love June Fishing on Nantucket…. I don’t know quite how else to say it. If you ask 100 people on Nantucket what their favorite month is my guess is most say September, some say July or August and some say October… I love June!

Why do you love June fishing on Nantucket you ask? June to me is the beginning, and I love beginnings. I love new, I love starting over, I love what could be’s and the potential and having everything to look forward to. You know why else I love June… Is because the Striped Bass fishing is awesome! Early in the month the fish are SMALL and active. They wack small baits and while you are often catching 22 inchers, they feel like monsters as you are on super lite tackle in super shallow water. Than, one day, out of nowhere you start seeing squid shoot around the boat and you call up your friends and say…fish must be in the rips. And this is when the fun begins as when Striped Bass enter the rips chasing Squid…. hold on! Fun is about to happen. And what is cool is it is like the fish have an underwater microphone, because once one spot turns on, 2-3 days later another does, and 2-3 days later another and …you get the drift. I just love June.

I love that the weather is unpredictable, I love that the days are long, I love that the light is gorgeous, I love that I wear a wool cap in the morning and that the water is clear and cold.

If you love fishing, if you love cool experiences, come spend June with us on the water… You won’t be let down.

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