I love adventures


I love adventures, because you usually you are fishing new water, learning new techniques, or simply seeing something amazing from a new perspective. This might lead to an obvious question, “do I see my daily job of guiding as an adventure or as routine?” The answer is simple, as an adventure. If I get onto the water and I think I know exactly how the trip is going to play out, than I am missing something large. The ocean and the fish are always different, the question is whether you want to see them as something different.

There are so many things in life that are check the box type experiences… I need to go here because…, or I need to go to this concert because…Fishing should never be this way. Those that have the best days on the water see that day as a blank canvas. A painting that has yet to be painted with endless opportunities. Even if you fish 20-30 days a year, ski 20-30 days a year, never make it routine, never make it work, always make it special. How you ask… that is all in the approach. When you step foot on a boat or put your waders on don’t be prepared to judge the day on what you catch, but be prepared to judge the day on what your senses took in. What did you see, feel, hear, experience. And this isn’t just a clients job, but more a guide’s. Remind each client why everything that is going on is so cool. This is why I love adventures.

Even as small as coming in and out of Hither Creek should not be seen as routine. If you pay attentions you come in and out of the creek, you will surely see 6-8 different types of birds, gorgeous boats, light you have never seen. When on the water, it is a rare day you don’t see multiple fish, tons of bait, the opportunity to see whales, dolphins, sharks, sunfish is always there… It is amazing how much we miss because we close our eyes. If our eyes were just open more, we would be amazed at how awesome a fishing trip is before we even catch a fish!

Can’t wait to be with you on the water…

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