Getting to know Captain Corey the fishing boat captain and hockey enthuiast


Jon Lord is a great friend and a great interviewer. He asked if he could pick my brain about the life of a fishing boat captain, Captain Corey. Of courseI said yes. What a fun experience. Jon opened the interviewer picking my brain about hockey. While I am no “expert,” I love the sport. I have played and coached it and have been a fan for years. After picking my head about hockey we got into my view of the nantucket fishing world. It was a fun interview and Jon asked me some incredibly fun questions that made me think. I so appreciated the opportunity to get myself excited for the summer. I hope you take the opportunity to listen and get a taste of our world that we live in during the summer.

The Interview

My good friend and charter fishing boat captain Corey Gammill joins the podcast to discuss the NHL Playoffs (1:00), coaching and teaching professional athletes like Jonathan Quick, Nick Bonino and Cam Atkinson (4:00), becoming a fishing boat captain on Nantucket (7:00), making work about more than money (12:00), the not so glamorous life in a resort community (16:00), dealing with entitled customers (20:00), competition with other fishing captains (26:00), irrational fears on the water (29:00), climate change and the perilous future of the fishing industry (34:00) and the value of catch and release (42:00).

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