Fishing Reports

Nantucket Fishing Charter report

By Corey Gammill / March 16, 2016

Dear Fishermen and Friends,   Wow,  What a week!  We do not know where to begin.  Bass from the beach, Monster Blues in the chord, lots of fluke east, a bonita at Great point, Bluefin Tuna and White Marlin South and beautiful weather.  Those who got on the water this past week were lucky, we […]


Albies are coming to Nantucket. Come Fishing on a Charter

By Corey Gammill / March 13, 2016

Dear Fishermen and Friends, In our fishery, we have several old wives tales that we take be truths.  We mention them sporadically in our e-mails. One of our favorites is Bob Ranks Theory that when the Cherry Blossom blooms in front of the old AC- we’ll catch the first keeper in the spring. There tends to […]


Book a charter! Fishing has been awesome on Nantucket!

By Corey Gammill / March 8, 2016

Dear Fishermen and Friends,   In short, our fishery is good and getting better… Hopefully for the fourth we’ll be able to tell you it’s great.   In the past week we have seen Tornado Warnings, bluebird days, winds from the SE, NE, West and North at varying speeds. Basically every day is different, Al […]


Fishing Report Charters

By Corey Gammill / March 5, 2016

Fishing Report: Congratulations to those who have survived another Nantucket Summer and are still on island to reap the rewards! The Fall is here! While we are still a few days away from the official date, the weather feels like Fall, the people are gone, and all sorts of exotic species are here! The story […]


New Products: Nantucket Fishing: Braid with Leader built in? Charters

By Corey Gammill / March 3, 2016 Every 20′ there is a 3′ marked section that is 50% stronger than the rest of the line. This is used to tie to leader and added strength compensates for knot tying loss. Thus as demonstrated you can have a better than 100%  line breaking test.


Nantucket Fly Fishing Report Charters

By Corey Gammill / March 1, 2016

Fishing Report: August 2, 2010                   August is Fun! The reason I say this is unlike June when we know we have Bass and July when we know we can look for Bass and expect Bonito, August is a month of wonder and hope. The reason I say that August is fun is that it […]


Book a Nantucket Fishing Charter

By Corey Gammill / February 28, 2016

Dear Fishermen and Friends,   Fishing is still really really good.  Bonita and Bluefish are very active. Bass have not figured out it is August and still here in good numbers and we continue the best bottom fishing season we can remember- ever. Seriously- it is awesome! My favorite story this week shows just how […]


Striped Bass Albacore nantucket Fishing report

By Corey Gammill / February 26, 2016

Dear Fishermen and Friends, Holy Albies… It’s Labor Day weekend so there is no excuse to not come to the Island this weekend if your not here. If you are here, make sure to take time to go fishing, because the False Albacore are here and the fishing is just ridiculous right now.  Seriously- the […]


Nantucket Fly Fishing Charters

By Corey Gammill / February 23, 2016

Dear Fishermen and Friends, It’s an awesome time of year on Nantucket when all 4 major species can be caught when targeted. This is all just in time for the most fun tournament of the year,  the Nantucket Inshore Classic. For the next 5 weeks, our anglers will compete for the largest fish in multiple […]


Nantucket Fishing Report Charters Guide

By Corey Gammill / February 22, 2016

Fishing Report Thursday July 2nd.   When will the storms stop!?! We hope in time for the Tournament on July 3rd. The good news is that prior to this eastern blow, the fishing was very good. But as we all know, An East wind is usually never good for fishing. We are hoping that is […]