Fishing Reports

July 7th fishing Report Striped Bass

By Corey Gammill / July 11, 2016

Dear Fishermen and Friends, The good news is that fishing remains very good, the bad news is that the bass fishing is slowly declining.  While it’s July 8th and we should expect this, we are a little bummed because we have become used to 15+ fish days on the boat.  Having said this, there are […]


Not Nantucket, but cool Fishing Video on Fly

By Corey Gammill / June 22, 2016

We love goals… We love guys who set out to do something different or to accompish something they have set their sights on for years… You will enjoy this…  It is not Nantucket on the Fly, It is not a white marlin, but it is very cool.  The next step is catching the white’s on […]


Fishing Striped Bass on Nantucket is Awesome! especially in Madaket

By Corey Gammill / June 21, 2016

Striped Bass and bluefish continue to flood into Madaket waters, which is a good thing for the rest of the fishery. Capt. Nat Reeder landed 40+ striped bass yesterday morning fishing the shallows of the harbor.  These were not big fish, but they were fish!  Those fishing great point from the point continue to catch […]


June 17th Nantucket Fishing Report Striped Bass!

By Corey Gammill / June 17, 2016

The best analogy we can come up with is that it feels like Christmas Eve. For the last month we have told you that our fishery is getting better and better and it has. For the last month we have seen more bait and more fish enter Nantucket’s waters, however, the negative over the last month […]


Another NON Nantucket Awesome Fishing Video…

By Corey Gammill / June 15, 2016

As you can tell, we just eat this stuff up.  It is so important to recognize how dangerous this stuff is, but if you have Safety precautions in place.  This stuff is Awesome!  Again, it is not striped Bass or Tuna or Bluefish in nantucket, but no reason this can not be done with a […]


Nantucket Bluefish are here!!! What a classic Nantucket Charter day!

By Corey Gammill / June 15, 2016

Nantucket Bluefish have arrived and we are pumped!!!  What an amazing day it was today.  We are so fortunate to have these huge bluefish in our waters!  Blues gorged on Herring and Squid and our waters felt alive in a way we have been waiting for for weeks! This is the greatest time of year […]


June 14th Nantucket Fishing Report Striped bass Bluefish

By Corey Gammill / June 14, 2016

This is the June 14th Nantucket Fishing Report. This week has been a battle of the winds and cooling spring like weather- it sure feels like September… But the Striped Bass know it’s June, they may not know it’s mid-june but we are getting closer.  I say this, because mid-June typically marks the pinnacle of inshore […]


Alewifes…Striped bass, opportunity for new fish?

By Corey Gammill / June 13, 2016

We know that bait drives fish… Everyone always asks us how do we know where fish are? The answer is simple…find the bait.  And that is true.  Want to catch a Striped bass or a Bluefish or Tuna… Identify bait.  It is truly that simple. This article comes out and says, don’t just find the […]


Fishing Madaket, Nantucket….

By Corey Gammill / June 12, 2016

This is a good article for anyone interested in learning about Nantucket’s Western waters around Madaket…  The article about Madaket is a bit outdated, but still very relevant.  The Bonito Bar is still the place to go to if you are looking for Bonito or Albacore in August.  Anglers use Yozuri Crystal Minnow’s, rapalas, Bombers, […]


Not Nantucket Fishing, but a fishermen’s dream

By Corey Gammill / June 10, 2016

We are obsessed with cool fishing videos… It is that simple.  There is no other way to put it.  This video does not involve Striped Bass, it does not involve Bluefish, or Tuna, it does not involve Madaket or Great Point, it does not even involve Nantucket, but it is Fishing and Fishing at its […]