Fishing Reports

Nantucket Fishing Report June 7th 2016

By Corey Gammill / June 7, 2016

We are still very much experiencing the EARLY days of Nantucket Fishing.  It is during this time of year that we expect the big fish to consistently show up and fill our waters, but for better or worse, we have become used to the longer early season wait… I will discuss this more later, but […]


Tuna Fishing off of Nantucket is great!

By Corey Gammill / June 6, 2016

June is a time when we focus our energy and efforts on Striped Bass. This is the time of year when we love stalking “fresh” Striped Bass in the shallows and when we eagerly await the squid to fill in the offshore rips. Early in the season we have been given a treat with Tuna […]


BIll Fisher Outfitters is Growing!!!!

By Corey Gammill / May 13, 2016

Due to continuous high demand for our regulators we have added another 26 Regulator to the mix.  This summer we will be running 2 26 regulators, 1 23 regulator and a Parker. We could not be more excited for this coming summer. We are thrilled!


Nantucket Fishing is beginning to turn on

By Corey Gammill / May 4, 2016

With Daffodil weekend behind us and wine festival ahead, Nantucket is officially in the first stages of the famous summer season and as expected the fish are acting how we had hoped.  They are not big yet, nor are they thick yet, but there are enough to keep us excited.  Nantucket is known for big […]


Striped bass Caught in Madaket Harbor on the West end of Nantucket!!!

By Corey Gammill / May 3, 2016

While still small, Striped bass have been caught on the West of of nantucket in Madaket Harbor.  If you go spend an hour on the inside of eel point, and watch you while see schools of fish pushing past.  They are trying to warm themselves up on sunny days, so go to the shallow waters […]


Nantucket Striped Bass Migration Map

By Corey Gammill / May 1, 2016

Nantucket Striped Bass Migration Map!  The schoolie Striped Bass are here and the bigger boys are coming.  Those who have their ear to the ground know that big fish are being caught in the chesapeake and around New Jersey.  While the big fish take a while to come our way, the migration is under way […]


First Fish are Here!

By Corey Gammill / April 29, 2016

The first nantucket striped bass have arrived


Fishing Nantucket Long Cast Option

By Corey Gammill / March 28, 2016

  Check out the article Below on the Shimano Long Cast Series.  Our partners at Bill Fisher Tackle have been fishing these for the last two seasons from the beach and without a doubt, they out cast everything else.  Give it a whirl… Shimano Introduces Long Cast Surf System


Go Fish the Turks with our good Friend Will Vallely

By Corey Gammill / March 25, 2016

Need a winter fishing fix… Go fish the Turks with our good friend Will vallely. He is awesome and a good friend of mine.  The boy knows how to catch fish… Tight Lines… Capt. Corey Captain Will Vallely    


Nantucket Fishing report Charters

By Corey Gammill / March 18, 2016

Dear Fishermen and Friends, Boy, is it Fall outside… raining, windy and potential hurricane coming.  But, we have great news!!! Scalloping season opened today. Those crazy enough to go out, had good reports- we’ll know for sure when the weather cooperates.  In the meantime, we have a ton of push rakes, baskets, gloves, waders and […]