Does Color in a Fishing Lure make a difference

Does Color in a lure Make a Difference?

This is an interesting question for both the experienced and inexperienced angler. Most experienced anglers know a lure action they like when they show up at a tackle shop, but than they get there and that lure has 3-5 different colors. Which Color do you pick. Well if you listen to the old timers they talk about blueback and oliveback herring being prevalent in our waters or the mackeral. Well, all statements are true and all the bait in our waters do have different colors. The question is are fish keyed in on bait’s action or their coloration, or both? The answer as we see it, is that it is the action that gets fish enticed. If there is competition or you are fishing in turbulent water than fish are incredibly reactive and rely on their lateral line to find bait so color becomes irrelevant. That is why most anglers use something typically with white on it as white is seen on most baitfish.

But with all the above said… on too many occasions I have watched fish reject white, but explode on pink/green/yellow. Now usually if I am see a fish reject a lure they are studying, than they have the time to see something they do not like on that lure.

So my approach… I usually start with white or some variation of white and if I know fish are around but are not biting, I adjust. So should you have multiple colors in a tackle box of the same lure. Absolutely! While You might use one lure/color predominately there is no worse feeling than you “cheaped out” at the tackle shop and you are watching others catch a fish….

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