BFO Rod Buying Guide

Nantucket Fishing Rod Buying Guide:

Buying a fishing rod for nantucket is not easy. This is because there are so many great rods out there and so many rods that are built for different circumstances. The challenge for the customer is figuring what they realistically want to do with the rod, what they are willing to spend and coming up with a few options to make the decision easier. While BFT’s selection is far greater than just what we have here, we have created a rod buying guide to help the customer make a decision.

One quick point, it is important to remember that rarely can one rod do it all, just like one golf club can’t do it all. That said, we know customers start with one rod and build their collection from there. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Where do you want to use the rod? in the Harbor, on the beach or on a boat?
  • If on the beach, do you like to fish the big waves of the South Shore, the North Shore, or Great Point?

Of Course there are lots of other questions, like what lures do you like to use?, how durable do you want your rod to be? Do you prefer a stiff or soft tip? But let’s focus on just the two questions above. There are really three rod Lengths to choose from:

9 foot: great for fishing from the beach and longer casting. This rod would be to big for fishing the harbors/boat. These rods tend to be bigger/heavier, but are a must if you are a surf fisherman and need distance.

8 foot: 8 foot rods can be used both from the beach and the boat. This size rod can be a great “tweener….” From the beach you can cast these far and they are small/nimble enough to use on the boat. The only caveat is that while these 8 footers are great from the boat, they are often just not enough from the beach. 7 foot:

7 foot: A 7 foot rod is best when you have a specific task in mind. For instance: you like to fish the shallow water (harbor) or light lures (sluggos/yozuris.). 7 footers can be used from the boat or beach comfortably. We do not recommend a 7 footer from the beach unless you have a specific task in mind.

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