Nantucket Squid and the role they play in our fishery…

By Corey Gammill | June 12, 2018

Anyone who has flown to Nantucket over the last 7-8 years will tell you about the dozens of trawlers that are going back and forth south of the island.  Most of the island has now realized that these trawlers are Squid Fishermen and they can tell you about the nantucket squid debate.  The way they fish […]

I love June Fishing on Nantucket

By Corey Gammill | June 4, 2018

I love June Fishing on Nantucket…. I don’t know quite how else to say it.  If you ask 100 people on Nantucket what their favorite month is my guess is most say September, some say July or August and some say October… I love June! Why do you love June fishing on Nantucket you ask? […]

Getting to know Captain Corey the fishing boat captain and hockey enthuiast

By Corey Gammill | June 1, 2018

Jon Lord is a great friend and a great interviewer.  He asked if he could pick my brain about the life of a fishing boat captain, Captain Corey.  Of course I said yes.  What a fun experience.  Jon opened the interviewer picking my brain about hockey.  While I am no “expert,” I love the sport.  I […]