Understanding Nantucket Tides

By Corey Gammill | April 23, 2018

Understanding Nantucket Tides… Understanding tides might be the number one question we get by those who are trying to understand when to go fishing on Nantucket.   The number one thing any person fishing should understand is while you can have epic fishing during slack tides, the most consistent fishing is typically during moving water.  […]

Why you should always have a full tackle box

By Corey Gammill | April 16, 2018

Fishing Lures are expensive.  We get it.  We own the tackle shop and we think its expensive.  But, anyone who understands the world of retail understands that these lures get sold three times before they reach our hands and everyone needs to make a buck.  It stinks.  That being said, Having the right lure for […]

Does Color in a Fishing Lure make a difference

By Corey Gammill | April 9, 2018

Does Color in a lure Make a Difference? This is an interesting question for both the experienced and inexperienced angler. Most experienced anglers know a lure action they like when they show up at a tackle shop, but than they get there and that lure has 3-5 different colors.  Which Color do you pick.  Well […]