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The Daily Catch… with TONS of Nantucket Fishing images / photos

By March 26, 2017 Fishing Reports

Neil Krauter… Former student, great friend.  Check this out.  He is in the middle of combining so amazing imagery…  

Nantucket Fishing Video

By March 25, 2017 Fishing Reports

Attached below here is some great footage by our good friend Sam Herrick of Fishing Nantucket’s waters.  Sam and his father run Sankaty Head Charters.  Sam took this video of fishing on Nantucket in the Fall of 2016.  It does a great job of mirroring what the Albie fishing on island is.   Great Job […]

Nantucket Fisherman creates social Media buzz: The Daily Catch

By March 24, 2017 Fishing Reports

The Daily Ctach is Neil Krauter’s baby. Neil Krauter is good at just about everything he does.  He is a great fisherman, he is a successful insurance broker and his boredom in his everyday life led him to create one of the leading social marketing pages the daily catch.  WIth over 15000 followers Neil has […]

Nantucket Fishing Guide Friend Frankie Marion…

By March 22, 2017 Fishing Reports

Awesome footage.  Frankie is awesome at what he does!

Nantucket Beach Fishing aka Surf Casting

By March 22, 2017 Fishing Reports

As most of you are finding out, we love cool videos. We do not mind watching videos from all over the world, but videos of home tend to make us the most happy.  While our bread and butter is fishing from the boat in Nantucket Waters, all of the guides love to put their feet […]