Nantucket Fishing Gear Report: Shimano…

Bill Fisher Outfitters is Nantucket’s Premier light tackle guiding business.  We operate four boats out of hither creek in Madaket Harbor.  80% of all our trips use spinning gear while the remaining use the fly.  We trust all of our spinning gear to Shimano and they do not disappoint.  For our rods we use the Shimano Teramar. This is an incredibly powerful/lightweight rod that anglers love.  It has the power to pull 40lb striped bass from the rip and to stop a screaming 50 inch tuna, but is sensitive enough to toss 1/2 ounce sluggos at schoolie striped bass in the harbor.

For our reels we use the Shimano Spheros. In my 18 years of guiding I have never been so in love with a reel.  Each reel of mine gets abused on a daily basis by customers and fishes 130-150 trips a season.  I have had the same Spheros reel for 2 seasons and have enver had an issue.  The reels do have manual bails, which I love as bails are the first piece of a reel to break.  Without a doubt the Spheros is the most durable reel on the market and the perfect reel to fish Nantucket’s waters.

The Teramar is the best selling rod at Bill Fisher Tackle in Nantucket.

One area we firmly believe in is that Anglers who fish with us should use great Gear and it should be reliable.  This is why we fish Shimano products on our regulators.

Capt. Corey Gammill