Led by Captain Corey Gammill, Capt. Bill Toelstedt and Capt. Cam Gammill, Bill Fisher Outfitters is a charter group of highly experienced and enthusiastic fishing guides whose common goal is to make their charter customers smile! Whether it be a Bluefin Tuna on spinning gear aboard their 26 Regulator ‘Squaretail’, A Striped bass on the Fly caught on their 21 Parker, or your child’s first bluefish caught on their 23 regulator, their backgrounds as educators, coaches, public servants, and ultimately fishermen, will intrigue you and make you smile no matter what your hope is for that day.

As a charter outfit, they share information, ideas and tactics to ensure customers have the best chance of getting the experience they desire. As a charter group, these guides average over 15 years of guiding experience each and their knowledge and resources will ensure you and yours spend the day catching, learning and creating memories and moments that will last a lifetime.

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Thomas and Thomas Fly Rods

By Corey Gammill | May 14, 2018

BFO/BFT are proud to be fishing with/carrying Thomas and Thomas Fly Rods this year.  Thomas and Thomas is a historic name in fly-fishing and are known for hand building amazing rods in Northwest Mass.  Like many companies their hold back is the inability to mass produce rods, because they make them of such high quality.  […] Read More

Buying a Boat Nantucket

By Corey Gammill | May 7, 2018

I am thinking of buying a boat, Should I? Obviously this is a tough question.  And there are so many questions to ask, what do you want to use the boat for?  How much can you afford to spend on the boat? How much can you afford annually to upkeep the boat?   How big […] Read More

Where do I fish on Nantucket?

By Corey Gammill | May 2, 2018

Where do I go fishing on Nantucket? I was just speaking to a friend of mine who manages a restaurant and is starting bourbon bar with 180 bourbons.  I asked him, how do you expect your bartenders to know them all.  His response is he doesn’t.  He wants them to have a good handle of […] Read More