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Dear Fishermen and Friends,


In short, our fishery is good and getting better… Hopefully for the fourth we’ll be able to tell you it’s great.


In the past week we have seen Tornado Warnings, bluebird days, winds from the SE, NE, West and North at varying speeds. Basically every day is different, Al Roker would love it, but bait hate it.  Our water temps are perfect, the bait is here, but there is no consistency for our fish to find a rhythm.  Remember, fish need bait and when bait moves around based on the currents and winds, it’s hard for the fish to settle in, so often they move on.


I was fishing a “secret spot” a few days back and stumbled into some big fish (stripers) sitting on the bottom. We worked hard to get a few big fish, but it was not very productive.  Basically, the fish were there, but no bait, so we need to entice them into eating.  The next day, with the wind change, a close friend had smaller fish on the surface and got a TON of them.  This was a totally different school, eating totally different bait. A lot can change on our waters when the weather is so inconsistent.  Regardless, there are fish around. It’s just a matter of figuring out where and when they will be there.  But isn’t that fishing in a nutshell?


So… Striped bass fishing continues to be very good in the harbor.  Sand Eels are loaded up in there. These fish are smaller, but active.  Great Point is also turning on for Bass.  Low light is better, but we’ve found fish there in both tides- generally east is better. The rips to the East are also starting to get good.  These are normally loaded right now, but you are picking at fish at best. They are still cold, but if we get any consistency next week, they should turn on.  Sankaty may be our most consistent fishery right now, but those fish are deep and you need to know how to fish them.  From the beach, the bass fishing is getting better at night. The north shore is offering good action, but bigger fish tend to be on the south side. Clients have done well in Cisco as well as Tom Never’s. These fish move up and down the beach though- so find a deep hole and fish it slow!


Speaking of consistency- if you are looking to catch- go Bottom Fishing- it is awesome.  Bobby on the Albacore limited out Black Sea Bass two days ago and there are some big Fluke in the mix.  These fish are fun, consistent and offer excellent table fare!!!  They require a bit of patience and the right gear, but stop by the shop and we’ll get you set up.


Bluefish have also started to settle in, in some locations but others are still sparse.  The south shore is holding some big fish, but a lot of them are west of Miacomet Rip, which is a little unusual.  Pochick is red hot with BIG fish, which is fun, and the east Side has been producing some good fish.  We don’t have many blues at Great Point though and the population on the North Shore has thinned out.  This will change soon enough.


Maybe the most exciting part of our fishery is that the Tuna are moving through to the south.  These fish are spread from the Claw, to the Fingers and to the Dump.  The fish aren’t big, but there is some pretty good action.


It’s a good time of year and about to get great- let’s hope the weather gods can help us!


Tight lines,

Capt. Cam Gammill

Capt. Corey Gammill

Capt. Nat Reeder

Dr. Mike Ruby