Nantucket Fishing Report Stripers

Dear Fishermen and Friends,

For those of you who follow our twitter account you already know the good news, Denny Dias broke the fishless streak on Wednesday. Those of you who know Denny know how appropriate it is that he caught the first fish as there are few fishermen as dedicated he is. Denny is one of those who makes his own lures (sells them at the shop!,) and he fishes just about every day of the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Luckily for the rest of us, this was not a rogue fish, but it was part of the first wave of schoolies to arrive on the South Shore. Since Wednesday there have been a couple of dozen fish caught. None of these fish have had a lot of size, but they are tugging on the line, which is what is most important. What is also fun is that these fish are up and down the South Shore and reports have been made of fish caught from Sheep Pond all the way to Madequecham. No Stripers have yet to be caught on the North Shore, but it is not long before these fish find the warmer harbor water. Most of the fish caught have been caught on small metals, jig heads or swimmers.

The South Shore right now has a lot of Herring as well, so don’t be surprised to see bigger Striped Bass following the little guys around. The other exciting fish to arrive in our waters this week is the Mackerel. As is typical, the Mackerel show up on the North Shore off the jetties and our guess is that they will be here for a few weeks. These fish are great fun to target and anyone looking to fire up their boat should go jig some up. The other good bait news is that squid showed up in the harbor this week as well. They are not thick yet, but lots of squid are sitting South of the island, so it is not long before this great bait fills the harbor and than the bass follow and well….you know.

To us, this is the most exciting time of year. The island is buzzing with excitement and activity, boats are being put together and our favorite six months sits ahead of us. Make sure not to take the spring fishing for granted. Get away from work, spool up your reel, take your shoes off and get out to your favorite beach. These fish are always hungry early in the season and excuses are easy to make, but the little effort to motivate is worth it. Go grab your rod and remember why you call this incredible island home.

Tight lines,

Capt. Cam Gammill
Capt. Corey Gammill
Capt. Nat Reeder
Dr. Mike Ruby