June 3rd Fishing Report 2014

Every year on June 15th a good friend of mine shows up on island because it is on June 15th every year that he can count on consistent Bass fishing. After a wacky week of weather and lots of tough fishing days for many anglers, we are hoping that the 15th will again bring calm and a pile of fish to the island. At this point we are about a month since the first fish was caught and we are still seeing inconsistent fishing. The Beach guys are still seeing the most consistent results fishing in the evening and at night. The best places from the shore have been cisco, Miacomet and Dionis beaches. Not much is happening yet on the East Side of the island and Madaket has produced some fish, but not the number we might expect.
From the boats, great point is starting to fill up with bait, but no fish yet. The Western edges have some fish and are fun to spend some time on as there continues to be bait, but fishermen are working for a bent rod. Pochick and Old Man are also inconsistent, but time and a willingness to move around will produce fish. With good weather coming in the next two days, we expect that these edges will start to produce more consistently.
Nantucket Harbor continues to be one of the most consistent spots to fish, although it is not producing large numbers, but there are fish in there, specifically in the bends.
A group of us were sitting around last night talking about where these fish are and Capt. Billy Toelsted told a story from 3 years ago when he was fishing out by Muskeget channel and half a mile away he saw a shadow in the water that was between 5 and 10 acres around. As the mass approached he realized it was a gigantic school of bass migrating into our waters. We all firmly believe that the fish are sitting South of the island, but this east wind has lowered water temps this week and kept the fish away, and those already here a bit more lockjawed.
The good news for all is that what we all wait for is still ahead of us and for those dedicated enough to be fishing every evening, you deserve the dinners you are getting. As Father’s Day approaches we are convinced that fishermen will be rewarded, with good weather and bent rods.
We also wanted to take a moment and promote a wonderful event that will be happening this Sunday. A group of local fishermen along with the Angler’s Club has stepped up and created a fun fishing event on Sunday to support and promote Adam’s Camp, which is a week long camp on Nantucket to support children with special needs. It is a wonderful Camp that has a tremendous impact on the kids fortunate enough to attend. Please watch the following video to learn more and consider coming to the Angler’s Club this Sunday (15th) at 1:30 (non members are invited) to learn more and to participate in what will surely be a fun auction with Jimmy Buffett tickets and much much more.
Adams Camp