June 1st Nantucket Fishing Report

June 6th Fishing Report

Well, it looks like it should be a good weather weekend ahead, which we are all excited! I spoke to some friends this morning and they were walking off the beach at Eel Point and saw a bunch of fish pushing east across the flats. They were throwing flies and got a few fish to turn, but were not able to get a bite. The movement of fish is a great sign though, as early season is usually when these fish (Bass) push along the North Shore moving between the Harbors and pushing bait up in the shallows off of Dionis and Coatue. This report is good news for harbor fishermen, as we are still seeing good numbers, but the harbors have still yet to hit their prime. Harbor fishermen using soft baits and flies are still doing the best. Although a few guys came in last evening and bought a punch of poppers as they found some very active fish towards the head of the harbor. Whether you are fishing from a boat or from the beach, both are producing fish. The harbor is producing smaller fish with some keepers mixed in.

The good news for all is the weather over the next five days looks good, the winds will be from the southwest, and the increasing numbers of fish moving into the fishery is a real positive. Those who have been fishing off of Tuckernuck and the western edges have seen more birds working off the south side of the islands and off the western edges. We all know that these edges don’t hold fish like they used to, but it is a great thing that there are fish out there and more importantly that there is bait out there.

Off the beach, the bluefish continue to enter our waters in thicker numbers. This is obviously a love hate for many, but we are thankful that beach fishermen are able to bend rods. Blues have been reported all around the island with many still being caught off of Dionis and the north Shore beaches, but they have moved in along the South Shore as well. They are not quite yet “summer thick” but they are around and active.

For those targeting the Striped Variety focus on fishing in the evening and at night-time off the beaches. The past few days have produced a number of 36-38 inch fish off of various stretches along the South Shore. The fishing isn’t quite electric, but if you put your time in during the evening the fishing is predictable and should produce. Fishermen are using a variety of lures, but heavy jigs and swimmers are still producing the best results. Those using jig heads are putting a tail on them, and having success.

The East side is still slow, with all the east wind the water is still cold and dirty. Some southwest wind, like we are going to see, should push the bait and fish towards Sconset and the eastern beaches. So in summary, the fishery is not red hot yet, but the shallow water and beach fishermen are having the best success as the rips have yet to heat up. Those who want to get out on their boats should still focus their efforts on the North Shore and should go explore the South Side of Tuckernuck.

We look forward to hearing your reports