July 4th Fishing Report

In the past week, we’ve had days of great fishing and then the next day we scratch our head, because there is no bait, which often means no fish… In general though, fishing continues to get better. This week we finally saw a push of Bluefish into Great Point Rip. It’s crazy that on July 1st, Great Point held so few fish. In the past week, Bass have also pushed into the rip. While it’s not hot, it’s consistent. Certain corners are always holding fish. We’ve found that that these fish hunker down until there is a push of bait over them and then they do their thing.

In general, the Bass fishing from the beach has improved. Dale Gary, a great friend, caught a 30 lb fish from the South Shore this week. We are hearing of 6 fish nights and we are hearing of 0 fish nights, but in general, the guys who are putting in the time are getting fish the majority of the time. The North Shore and Harbor have started to slow as the water has warmed. In the surf, we’ve seen the most success coming from bigger swimming plugs. In general, we suggest to match the color of the sky- so at night fish with a black simmer and during the day use a pearl color. Don’t limit yourselves to swimming plugs though, because soft baits and top water plugs are still producing action.

Bluefish continue to be aggressive off of the South Shore and on the North side of the Island. You can get to these fish both form the boat and the beach. Target these fish on the top of the water and you’ll have a blast. Dionis, Cisco and Madaquecham are the most consistent of the fisheries. We had a customer stop by last week who caught 9 fish in an hour off of Madaquecham- wow!

Bottom fishing is on fire right now! Big fluke and Sea Bass are up and down the east side of the Island. If you have not experienced this fishery, it’s time. Not only will you love the table fare, but it is fun. Many of our other fisheries get more exposure, but this is the most consistent fishery and perhaps the most fun, especially when you are catching fish up to 5 lbs…

Down south of the Island- 20-30 miles- we have seen bait stacked up and a big push of warm water. What does bait mean? Yes, fish… There are Tuna to the south of the Island. These fish have been caught on both trolling gear and on spinning gear. Capt Corey had a successful trip this week where he hooked into Tuna both on Spinning Rods and Trolling Rods. This fishery is not red hot, but it seems more productive than we had all of last year. Let’s hope the bait holds.

Our hope is that this weather tonight will push a pile of bait inshore and invigorate our fishery. Listen for our report on 97.7 or follow us on Facebook to get updates. Or, as always, stop by the shop and you’ll get all of the info you need for a fun day on the water. It’s a great time of year to go wet a line!