Bill Fisher tackle outfitters Nantucket fishing report

Bill Fisher Tackle/Outfitters Fishing Report
Bill Fisher Tackle
Dear Fishermen and Friends,


Fishing is still really really good.  Bonita and Bluefish are very active. Bass have not figured out it is August and still here in good numbers and we continue the best bottom fishing season we can remember- ever. Seriously- it is awesome!
My favorite story this week shows just how diverse our fishery and proves that you never know what your going to catch. A customer was going scup fishing at Brant Point.  A great activity for any kid.  The best part about that location is that you have no idea what you are going to catch. Any given day- you can get scup, sea bass, a blue fish, a big ole Bass and in the fall an Albie. Yesterday though, we had a first, someone caught an Atlantic Salmon off Brant Point. Yes, an Atlantic Salmon. Crazy, eh? This is no fishing tale nor is it April first…
Now moving on to what you should expect ot catch. Bonita have filled in nicely at the Bar. With tons of wind this weekend, it may be a good time to find some lea and focus on these speedsters. It’s not uncommon to catch 6-10 fish in a tide.  These fish are also in the mix at great Point- so have a deadly Dick in your arsenal.
Bluefish are still all over. The south shore and east side are awesome.  Lots of top water action. Off the beach- fish Tom Nevers and Quidnet for your best action.
Bass continue to be very active at night. The East side has been more productiove than south, but both have fish in the deeper holes. Fish a Bomber nice and slow and hold on tight for that elusive bump… Our other favorite plug which is actually more productive during parts of the tide is a tandem sluggo. Remember- slower, the better!
Bottom fishing is spectacular right now- I tried to come up with the best adjective and that was it.  Seriously- sea bass are so plentiful, they are in the rips and flat water feeding on bait.  So if you happen upon one- do not be surprised.  Many of our best anglers still are unsure of bottom fishing- if this is you- please come see us, because we would love to get you started because this is the BEST year we can remember.
Go find some lea in this wind this weekend and wet a line.
Have fun!

Capt. Cam Gammill

Capt. Corey Gammill

Capt. Nat Reeder

Dr. Mike Ruby