August 25th Fishing Report

Dear Fishermen and Friends,
Our calendar is way off this year.  Typically, I can predict within a few days of when fish will arrive and when fish will start to dissipate.   This year is anyone’s guess, as everything seems a little wacky.  Bass were way late, but have never left and continue to be awesome. Bluefish right on time, but still have not lived up to full expectations. Bonito were also late, but struck with a surge and have been spotty ever since. And then… wait for it… Ablies are here!  What?!?!
False albacore were caught off of Great Point on Sunday. I was speaking with the guys who have fished our waters forever… this is the earliest, by a full week, that anybody can remember having albies in our inshore waters.  That is crazy, and it’s not just one or two, there are a lot of fish around! We could be in for a crazy fall, or end of the summer for that matter.
False Albacore typically show up in the first week of September.  These fish are really special, because beach anglers generally have as good a shot at them as boat anglers.  But to have them here two weeks early, when everything else feels like it was late seems weird. Having said this, Jeremy predicted this a few weeks back based on seeing geese earlier in the season. How he figured this out, who knows, but you have to love local knowledge.
The Albies that have been caught have been on both the inside and outside of Great Point.  Use long metals like a Deadly Dick or an Epoxy Minnow.  Fish these plugs extremely fast and hold on when these fish hit.  Make sure your line is fresh and your drag is set properly.  These fish have no eating value, so handle them with care and release them back into the ocean.  From the boat, fish have been caught on the north side of the Island and we anticipate hearing that a few of these fish will be caught at Old man anyday.
Typically in August, we expect our Striped Bass fishery to just shut down.  These fish thrive in cold oxygen rich water.  They love 60 degrees and fast water, right now we are hovering around 70, but we have bass everywhere.   Seriously, in a tide you can fish the west end and catch a dozen fish. They are mixed in with Bonito right now.  Even better from the beach, at night, you’ll have night of multiple fish right in the surf. If your goal is to catch a Striper, you should be able to do it. This is not typical of August.
So if Striped Bass are around, this mean the exotics are probably not even close. Nope, wrong again.  You can take your boat 6 miles south of the Island and see plenty of Mahi Mahi.  Capt Corey had a day this week, where he caught, Bass, Bluefish, Mahi and Bonita all in a tide. Crazy eh… welcome to 2016!
Bluefish are still very active in our waters and are still the main target for fisherman.  Madaket beach has been as productive as any for beach fisherman, but if you live on the east side of the Island, do not overlook fishing in your back yard.  The east end has some huge bluefish these days and they are swimming in tight to the beach.  You may get bigger numbers along the south shore, but on the east side, there are some quality fish.  Having said this, friends who have spent the day at Great Point call me and report catching a dozen fish in an hours time. If you are a beach fisherman and don’t spend time at the point this time of year, you are doing yourself a disservice.
It’s really fun out there right now. Typically in August we just have bluefish, which are a blast, but our variety is so much fun.  Go wet a line and enjoy our crazy fishery!